Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's been an age

It's been an age since I wrote my last post so thought I had better get to it. I have been working a lot in my studio recently on drawings, collecting my thoughts and researching following on from a pretty intense couple of years.

It has been nice to finally have a little head space to think around where I am heading next in terms of ideas and they are formulating nicely with very little output other than drawings.
I have been invited to show Bluelight in GHost Iv: Presence and Absence by the lovely Sarah Sparkes at St John on Bethnal Green in London as part of a long weekend of films, events and performances from December 6th - 8th where I am looking forward to seeing things on a big screen, perhaps very different to where I last showed it in a much more intimate space at Aid and Abet in Cambridge.

Beyond that I am pretty excited to say that I am working on new work for a show in an exciting new venue in the Midlands (more to be revealed shortly) which also opens in December and have been donating work to various auctions/fundraisers, the number of which seem to climb each year.

And so back to the research, I hope to reveal a new body of work in the New Year which will be an extension of the current research circumnavigating its way around my head. Well let's hope this is going to happen anyway.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Blue Light (excerpt) and the imagination

I have finally managed the time to organise getting an excerpt of 'Blue Light' onto YouTube and vimeo. It has been shown at Aid and Abet in Cambridge and I am pleased to say that it will be showing in Bethnal Green in December and I hope it will travel on to many other venues from there.
I am now finally getting the time to work on new work without the added pressures of shows etc for the first time in a little under three years so have spent time procrastinating in the studio by painting the floor, tidying up (not much) and getting things ready for a couple of shows of existing work.

I am heading into my usual modus operandi of unearthing new ideas through research (reading), disguising (writing), manipulating (both writing and making) and imagining a fusion (mainly making and loosing all sense of clarity) of the nonsense that pops up into my head whilst forming new ideas and work. Through stealing moments from my surroundings I attempt to extract that internal sense of clarity, to walk carefully through those internalised conversations, to escape quickly with little warning. Things are rarely mapped out, most of it is a fleeting romance with my imagination and the sum of the parts is measured through what comes out, often made up from self -elected rules placed in some kind of reality as well as those that are very definitely not. Its a complicated landscape ahead that I am running into it with my eyes wide open, I hope that one day institutional bodies might recognise that imagination cannot and should not be quantified and certainly cannot be taught.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Staring into the future

The Portsmouth show was busy, manic, if not a little damp, perfect for Father and Son. Sovay and I attended to everyones costumal behests, took some evidential snaps and then I headed home for an install of Bluelight at Aid and Abet the next day. This proved to be technically a little more difficult than expected so with a cry for help to Mr Pearl, he donned his cape and flew up from the depths of Suffolk to my aid. All eventually went well. The opening was well attended and I have to say I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome but still need a little time away from it to get to grips with the printed legacy of the experience as well as reflect on it properly before I plan my next venture. I have a lot of ideas, I just need money to make it happen and an offer from a space to house it in some way.
I hope I have offers to show 'Bluelight' elsewhere.

This weekend I head off to Hereford for the final juncture of Tainted Love. It will be great to have some time to catch up with everybody there before the works are put to bed, sold or moved on.

I am really at a point at last where I can head to the studio to make new work and put new ideas together with no outsider influences. I have had a great month.

Oh and I need to get some more socks.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A full September

The long summer is now almost over and things are getting busy in the studio. The film is done and the music is being composed (hopefully). Now I am making props, black glass and a drawing for the show amidst trips to London, Coventry, Cambridge, Herefordshire and next weekend Portsmouth.

The first show is a one day event at The Round Tower where the Monte team are back again with the next chapter Father and Son. I am pleased to have worked with the fantastic Sovay Berriman on this leg and we are planning a one day 'event' alongside the works of the others in the show. It should be fun!

After that I am in the collective show at Aid and Abet showing Blue Light

And then after that I am in the last showing of Tainted Love, showing at The Downstairs Gallery

October will be restful when I sit back and think about what I want to next and return to the studio with no particular agenda other than my own..

Friday, 10 August 2012

Thinking about September

Last night I went to Aid and Abet in Cambridge to see Transition Gallery take over the bibliotheque area of the interior space. There was some great artwork, tranzines, badges and second hand books for sale so if you can, visit the gallery next to the train station to buy some bargains!

This week I have had some work show in Beaten Black Blue Red Green and Gold, a show highlighting some great work from great artists, link here

I am continuing to edit Bluelight as well as talk about the object that will contain the film and prepare for a few shows in September. I am working collaboratively with Sovay Berriman for the first time as part of the next chapter of 'The Count of Monte Cristo', this time in Portsmouth Round Tower, I will be installing work at Aid and Abet as part of the group Roam for Roaming and then will be heading to Herefordshire for the final show of Tainted Love at The Downstairs Gallery at West Brompton House
Its going to be a lively and busy September.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Finding the password

The sound pieces are done and the film has been shot. All I need do now is find the password?

Film excerpt

And sound...both tasters

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I guess something starts soon?

All the filming is done. It was an efficient day but a long one. The actors were outstanding and John was amazing. A small yet fantastic team. Friday this week is the day that we are recording the voiceover for the film, so August will be the month of editing, no doubt the sun may shine then.

I am now back amidst Freudian theories and newly constructed narratives, looking at how I can weave letters from Freud and his daughter through object and hysterical behaviour. Last weekend the symposium took place where we talked through our research, our theories and our ideas. I asked the audience to participate and they were outstanding, so pulling the last few ideas together over the next week or so.
I am pulling things together for the show at the end of the month and sending work off to Cardiff for Beaten Black, Blue, Red, Green and Gold, an exciting looking show curated by Tom Goddard, Huw Andrews and Laura Reeves to run along side the Olympics, which I guess opens soon.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

All things film & Freud

All things for filming are in place and ready to go. I have sought costumes, venues, a B & B, props and aides and so all has gone quietly to plan. I am looking forward now to Friday filming in Cromer Hall and Saturday at Beeston Regis. All I have to do now is find me a black dog..

Other work is going to plan too. Citing Freudian psychoanalysis with three tangential viewpoints, displace love, object and ritual I am working on a body of work that will hopefully all fall into place for the end of July.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Its a public affair

The organisation for the film is going well. I have now selected 10 out of the 24 actor applicants for 'The BlueLight' and have secured the grounds of All Saints Church in Beeston Regis as another filming venue. I am just waiting to hear back about another two potential places although as they are both outside spaces  I should be able to do it anyway but have sought permission just to make sure. Additionally to this I have also asked for the use of a space for auditioning in Norwich, so I will have to wait to see what happens there but I anticipate auditioning on June 15th for filming sometime at the end of June.

The next stage for me is to finalise the storyboarding, something I have never done before but with the Jubilee festivities happening around me this gives me the best opportunity to get away from the tat and circumstance and concentrate quietly in the studio undisturbed by phone calls, emails and the usual interruptions. I am pretty nervous about this but have decided that I am going to look at it as moving pieces of work as I am not particularly interested in whether the story is transparent as it is concentrating more on the behavioural aspects of the characters throughout the storyline rather than the narrative.

Outside of this I am pulling some research together for another body of work that has been ongoing and unresolved for a while. Again this concentrates on behaviour looking at powerful historical figures that have held back on making private behaviour public through family affairs of one kind or another. Again this is fictional and factual work merged, citing romantic love as a form of madness at a point where uncontrollable unconscious acts become powerful tools of control from within, are then passed onto the will of others and are then revered and then normalised by society as time passes quietly.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mountains and lodges

I am pleased to say that today I secured an important venue for filming 'The Blue Light' at the start of the summer. Cromer Hall is a gothic mansion that is integral to the historical setting of The Hound of the Baskervilles and therefore to the story of the Black Shuck that is said to roam the coastal path between Overstrand and Sheringham in Norfolk. I am to make one more phone call to secure another venue but I cant see too much of a problem with this now that I have Cromer Hall in place. I have also been fortunate enough to have 23 actors offering to play the four parts I have available for the film. This is going to be extremely hard to whittle down as they all have great experience and things to offer the project. I will then need to find a venue to audition but hopefully this shouldn't be too difficult.

This week I have also been chasing mountains in a fit of hysteria for another body of work that needs to be on its way in July. Its at the point where I have so much research I now need to home in on what it is I am trying to find out, to get at, to pick away at the scab so to speak. To my mind this is the hardest part as I wait and wait, hoping for something to come to the fore.

On another note my new teaching job is expanding. I have a number of students getting in touch, so need to keep that under control whilst all other things are flying around in the sky. I have also started work for a show in Cardiff that runs the length of the Olympics. I will be very fit by the end of it, I think that is what is expected.

Applications are moving slowly but I really must find the time to finish them, always a problem as they get pushed to one side in busy times.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Poles, fountains and hanging lamps

This last week I have been forging ahead with the film as I now have three potential venues in Norfolk and offers from actors/performers to take part. I am holding out for one particular venue which I really hope to be able to use but it incurs a cost, so I will have to wait and see how much. I should hear back very soon. In anticipation I have a plan B.
The rest of my time has been taken up with finding a common ground between three historical figures and I have found it, so after tomorrows meeting in London for Roam, I hope to move on with more constructive outcomes.
I haven't been in my studio for a week, so I am itching to get on with sourcing and putting things together for work upcoming. 

This is my infantry so far.

Sticks, umbrellas, poles, trees, firearms, guns, pistols and the revolver, faucets, watering cans, fountains, hanging lamps, collapsible pencils, pencils, quills, nail files, hammers.

Balloons, aeroplanes, zeppelins, flying
reptiles and fish, snakes, hats, cloaks
pits, caves, hollows, pitchers, bottles, trunks, jars, cases, pockets, ships, wardrobes, stoves, rooms
doors, entrances, wood, paper, tables and books, snails, mussels, mouths, churches and chapels
apples, peaches and fruits in general, cliffs, woods and water, machinery difficult to describe.

Jewel- caskets, jewels and treasure, sweets, play, piano playing, sliding and coasting, tearing off a branch.
Ones teeth fall out or having them pulled.
Dancing, riding and climbing or being run over. Being threatened more over.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Control or is it?

Today I have added a sale page to my website and have sold already Madame Coopers Troopers. Yesterday was the opening of Tainted Love at Transition Galley, London where I chatted to a few new and old acquaintances. The space has been divided up by ply boards which give a sense of viewing the works in an intimiate space, which I really like. The PV was very busy. I am working on quite a few applications for things which I am pretty excited about like residencies, commissions and funding and feel, for the first time in ages, pretty on top of things, although I do have much to do. This week I have managed to secure a new tutoring post, which will, no doubt, come with its own new challenges and have also agreed to be in a show over the summer in Cardiff, although, right now I have no idea what it will become in terms of outcome. I have been reading and having fruitful conversations which is helping my current research into romance and the sense of the love lorn powerless man. Its pretty tongue in cheek as ever, but the reading is good. Next up is Tainted Love touring to The Meter Room in Coventry and film work for Roaming, which is ongoing as is work for my current MA. Lots of loose ends but all hopefully moving in the same direction.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Tainted Love, ROAM and a hint of violence

I have finally finished work for Tainted Love which is a touring show travelling to London, Coventry and Herefordshire this summer. I have agonised over this one, with wrestling with illness and juggling silly things that have taken an inordinate amount of time to tie together. Feeling on the whole a lot better the work has resulted in making 5 x A2 sized pieces, 2 paintings and 7 small works on paper. I have added drawing and symbolic gestures that have tied researching Aleister Crowley, his muse Laylah and Stindhal's Theory of Crystalization. See the link to my work as well as the work of others here Tainted Love. Overall I am pleased but may add more objects as the show moves on.

Catching up today with admin I am about to embark on concluding my research for the film as well as working on another piece that looks at control and behaviour. I am also making new drawings for another project working with another artist. ROAM continues it quest to amalgamate the work of 7 artists and we now have a website that it live where you can follow my filmic ideas with others works that will accumulate to be shown at Aid and Abet in September

This will take me over the summer to complete and hopefully will be enjoyable now that I have settled in at my new studio managing to get there every day, even if it is to contemplate and reflect on things past.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Settling down

I have just got back from a weeks work at West Dean feeling despondent with teaching and grey and sombre in mood. It has been weeks since I have been active regarding making work of any worth and now with a doctors diagnosis I have at least got an understanding of why I have been inactive. Now waiting for further results I have had my first productive day working in my new studio on new ideas as well as modes of working and things are moving steadily forward in terms of production.
I have so much to do regarding studies, research, three shows, drawings and films that I have been in a state of paralysis for a while and now, with a week ahead with no particular commitments I am attempting to crack on.
I have been reading a lot and am making slow tentative moves back to painting and I hope to have my visuals ready in terms of film direction in parallel. I am working on things for three shows in upcoming months, all of which have a lot to do with darkness of thought and violent acts in a romantic context. Likewise, the film and further works are to reenact behavioural acts that are centred around psychoanalytical theory, literature and gaps in memory and thought.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring leap

I have decided to leap from my studio at Wysing to a new one nearer home. With the costs of travelling rising and with what seems like a busy-ish time in terms of making work, it has been a hard decision to make but no doubt a sensible one financially. I am now residing in an outlandishly large old paint workshop which has been empty for almost two years and so I have been scrubbing and slapping white emulsion over the walls for the last couple of weeks. That said, I have now more or less managed to condense what was two ineffectual working studio spaces (one too far away and one at home as well) into one large fully functioning work space. I have a few more trips of things to take in terms of materials but other than that I am done.

And so, on to work things. I haven't been that productive overall. I am working on the last module for an MA which will be finishing in July and contemplating my navel with ideas to run with regarding work for Tainted Love. I have researched the questionable relationship between a significant cultural figure and his muse and so next comes the work. I have no idea where its heading , but that is usually a good thing in terms of enjoyment.

I am heading up to North Norfolk in a couple of weeks to discover places to film. This is, as ever, ongoing and due to my move has been put on hold slightly. That said, I have sourced a potential film maker or two, got a couple of volunteer prop makers and even had a proposal from a composer, so its looking exciting. I just need actors. It is my intention to wrestle with the storyboarding and overall look now, before I go ahead and arrange dates. The project fits into a larger collective concept and I have been busy taking the role of marketing guru liaising with the very efficient project manager/curator and things are finally getting off the ground. We should be potentially live in the next week or so, so more on that later...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A lot of links

The talk/lecture went well at Senate House and I am hoping to upload images and the video to my website shortly. It was great to meet the other artists involved as well as meeting the actor Anthony Shuster, who was taking a break from working for the last two years on Warhorse. There were many interesting questions at the end of the presentations too, which is always great to be part of. Here is a video clip and some photographs from the event.

This week I have made a drawing for a fundraiser at Transition Gallery which involves pagan ritual and references to horn dancers. The fete where these works will be on show is on March 18th, so run by if you can and make a bid.

I am now unpicking the final edit of the story from Liz Williams, who as ever, has made a beautiful and curious story around some ideas I have had for a film. I have put a call out for volunteers, so if you are interested in taking part them drop me a line at I am hoping to drive up to North Norfolk in the next couple of weeks to hunt down relevant places to film. I have a good idea of where, so lets hope the churches around that area are just as enthusiastic.

I have as yet to pin down my ideas for Tainted Love, but I am sure it will not be far off. I am tied between my love of an object or a person, so I will need to wait and see which one wins.

In other news I am saddened to be leaving my Wysing studio at the end of this month. Unfortunately the costs of getting to and from can no longer be justified with the cut in my teaching hours and subsequent larger input I am putting into my practice. I have however almost secured a new studio not far from my home and with the current financial crisis I may have got myself a great deal, fingers crossed.

I managed last week to see some great shows both in and out of London. I particularly enjoyed Culpable Earth by Steven Claydon at Firstsite in Colchester. Great content, curatorship and interview by Andrea Cotton online

Saturday, 25 February 2012

It is done. Alex and I finished the film a couple of days ago for Haunted Landscapes, the script is now tinkered with and complete and I have gone through everything as best I can. Now I just need to book my train.

Now its done, it feels much better, an obvious statement I realise, but an important step for me to grapple with my next project. Often, when I am accumulating ideas, images and texts it often gets to the point where the waters are so muddied I wonder if anything will ever be resolved and with the added stress of working with film for the first time, I am amazed that I have managed to get it done with days to spare. Couldn't have done it without the knowledge of Mr P.

My next task is to re-read properly the script for my first major film work and I am nervous. A much bigger project with a complex cast and multiple identities to grapple with as well as visiting and looking for venues that are appropriate whilst hiring actors to hold it all together. Oh lordie. I haven't been able to give it any time for fear of muddling it up with the Haunted Landscapes, but now the time is here.

Amidst this I have decided to move from my current studio to a location that is nearer to home in an attempt to be efficient with both my time and costings. I have not been able to concentrate on making a significant body of work outside of a project for the last year or so, and I will need to be nearer Norfolk for the next few months to get the next film in order, so mixed emotions about leaving Cambridge and moving studios back to Suffolk. Lets hope it works out.

So, head around a complex cast, I will hint at what happens over the next few weeks and I will maintain the drawings for Empire as I go..exciting times.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Does anyone have an eagle?

I have just returned from a week of teaching at West Dean College in West Sussex. This was the first of three pre-booked teaching sessions and I have to say I loved it. After the initial worries of knowing how the place works in terms of practicality, the 'where is?' and the 'this is what we are going to try to achieve' moments, I had a great week sharing knowledge with a diverse group of teachers, students, experimentalists and practitioners who made the whole experience really enjoyable. I am back in another month.
I am still finalising the last things for my talk at the end of the month having just prepped a talk for South Essex College on Monday. Its odd how things like presentations come in at the same time.
The filming is still taking shape with the great help of Alex Pearl, who has allowed me much time out of his practice to pursue the art of film making. I have realised that I have more confidence in being a director rather than a film maker, but we will just have to wait and see what happens in the end.
I am still drawing mostly, which has allowed me time to think about where my work is heading and I have to say that this is the most excited I have felt for a while although still following the free fall experience of making new work to tight deadlines to new audiences. Talking of which does anyone have an eagle?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

I am currently writing the script and making new work for a presentation at The University of London at the end of the month. Using appropriated texts from three sources, I am weaving a new narrative that is suggestive of the complexities and subsequent breakdown within the mind of John Ruskin. I have employed an actor to read the narrative and will be showing a film and some stills between each reading.

Ruskin was a complex man, on the one hand he developed and maintained deep and complex thoughts, on the other he showed his frailties in babbling non- sensical text. The theme throughout will be based on the hauntings within his subconscious coming to the fore.

Because of my possible Ruskin haunting at Brantwood House in the summer when I stayed in the room that Ruskin had his most major breakdown where there was a true sense of the man himself being present, I have based the content on his relationship with his cousin Joan, his lectures to little girls about the value of crystals and crystalisation and the opaque referencing to fireflies that Ruskin taunts his audience in many of his written and oral pieces over time. I will include a number of objects, landscape and visual references to the content of these written works as well as include drawings, film and sound.

This is a new venture for me and a precursor to making a large film based piece later on in the spring. Lets hope it goes well.

In other matters, it was great to meet Margo Spiritus and Rebecca Wilson from Saatchi last week and was very flattered by their comments about my work overall. Both have been very supportive with features, comments and interviews other the last year and it was great to meet them both in person to say thank you.

I will be talking to BA students and staff at Southend College in a couple of weeks about my work (drop me a line if you want an invite) and it will be great to get back in touch with everyone from TAP and beyond.

Anyway enough chatter, I have a script to write..

Friday, 27 January 2012

Things popping up

Things have gotten busy.
Firstly, I forgot to mention all the hard work that Alex (Pearl) put in to get Caddington up and running. He lovingly painted the trompe l'oeil around the door of which I am particularly proud.

Last week's review of (NTWB) Telling: Caddington Hall was a fantastic surprise. As usual, I was expecting to have to get a magnifying glass out to find it but I was absolutely stunned to see it take up 3/4 of a page. So stunned in fact that I immediately shut the paper without reading and got out the cafetiere to arm me with my usual caffeine intake before doing anything else. In reading, I appreciated its careful and beautifully written prose. I have already thanked Zoe Pilger for this fantastic opportunity to get a review in the National Press.

Onto other things. I am currently working on some pieces for a presentation to be hosted at the University of London at the end of February and I am in need of getting the text ready asap, so that it makes some kind of opaque sense to me. Maybe tomorrow.

I am still waiting for Liz's story and the glass for new work as well as hearing back about the filming. The film is going ahead, I just don't know when and where.

Next week is the last week and chance to catch Caddington Hall and the works at a la ronde and then (NTWB) Telling will be over.

I have a couple of other talks/lectures to prepare for too as February has suddenly filled up with lots of new and exciting opportunities. I am also teaching for the first time at West Dean College in the half term and I am particularly interested in looking more at the fascinating contents of the house after I stayed over last weekend for a tutor seminar. I will be part of a 'paper' week, so we will have to see how that maps out. I am expecting it to be pretty intense but I am looking forward to the new teaching challenge.

I am continuing to work on my new Empire works, but this appears to be sporadic at best with all of these other things popping up.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Piddling on the topiary and tippexed eyebrows (Now that would be) telling

So (NTWB) Telling: Caddington Hall PV went well. It was pleasantly busy from around 5.30pm starting with a visit from the next door neighbours of the gallery space who brought along their charming rescue dog who I instantly fell in love with. One moments panic was when the dog particularly looked keen to cock his leg up to urinate over the topiary but thanks to the eagle eyed owners of the beautiful hound, all was saved.

A while before I had arrived at the space to mop floors and tidy but Cathy had pre-empted this chore as she explained that someone from the Independent was paying a visit to chat about the show and look at the work. This, as promised happened and I was introduced to the lovely Zoe Pilger, who I later found out to be studying for her Phd at Goldsmiths on Romance; so this show was of particular interest to her of course. I saw her return later to be part of the PV, which was very nice indeed.

Many guests travelled from near and wide and I was flattered that so many of them had turned out on such a dark, chilly night but it all added to the fun and I met several people that I had only known previously through the internet, a nice addition. I found myself at one point particularly attracted to Paul Kindersley's eyebrows which he promised were not painted with Tippex as I has previously thought but instead were safely embellished with left over makeup from friends that had historically stayed over at his flat. What a relief!

So all was well, my tunes from love story, romantic harp ensembles, Klaus Nomi and Barry White entertained us through the evening and the candles that burnt so brightly were so efficient there wasn't even a drip spilled as we had hoped. I was impressed by the question posed by Cathy Lomax. Just where did all that wax go then?

Onto other news. I have been approached by a film company this week to make a film about me and my work (more on that at a later date) and I have arranged for some more hand made convex glass to be made. I have been writing all this week on and off which has swallowed up a lot of my time but I will be keen to get back to things properly very soon.

And so I wait nervously to see the review in the Independent tomorrow, maybe I will get my new pencils out in anticipation?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

In my head

Tomorrow I head to London for the PV of NTWBT Caddington Hall at Transition Gallery
Firstly I hope to catch a couple of shows before I head over to tweak, polish and mop. I am eternally grateful to Catherine and Alex Pearl for helping me out last week otherwise the preparation would still be happening. I hope people can come as there are a lot of things out there opening on that night and it will probably mean another trip up soon to catch the things I miss.

New work is accumulating again, which is good but a practical nightmare. I have currently in my small home studio the work from the four past shows until I can get to Wysing to drop it all off and reassemble the disorder. So, it is here, in cramped conditions (a slight understatement) that I am attempting to write and work on new ideas which are centred around drawing, watercolours and small experimental collages.

I am planning to contact a man in Worcester about making more glass for me as the obsessive nature of my personality wants more.

The story for my film project is growing nicely with Liz sending me a rough synopsis earlier this week. I hope the process isnt too painful for her as I am really excited about it all so far. Until I get it in its completeness I am unable to visualise how I will attempt to direct it, but I cant wait until I do as it should be great fun!

I am experimenting with sound again, which will be part of the empire project and I have spent many hours working things out in my head. I should also be starting work for a travelling show in May in the next week or so, the images are not yet there but the materials are, so it will mean more experimental stuff to play with.

It was nice to hear this week that Ceri Hand Gallery will be showing some of my work from her inaugural show in a vitrine at what will be the last show at her gallery in Liverpool. Very sad news for Liverpool indeed, but exciting for the artists she represents and for the future of the gallery. I wish her well with everything and in a really selfish way I am quite pleased as it means that I will be able to get see more on the shows on a regular basis. I would have loved to have been at the PV tonight but with the opening of CH tomorrow night, this will be impossible. If you get the chance, see Henny Acloques show there 'Lugar De culto', which runs until 25th Feb

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