Friday, 10 August 2012

Thinking about September

Last night I went to Aid and Abet in Cambridge to see Transition Gallery take over the bibliotheque area of the interior space. There was some great artwork, tranzines, badges and second hand books for sale so if you can, visit the gallery next to the train station to buy some bargains!

This week I have had some work show in Beaten Black Blue Red Green and Gold, a show highlighting some great work from great artists, link here

I am continuing to edit Bluelight as well as talk about the object that will contain the film and prepare for a few shows in September. I am working collaboratively with Sovay Berriman for the first time as part of the next chapter of 'The Count of Monte Cristo', this time in Portsmouth Round Tower, I will be installing work at Aid and Abet as part of the group Roam for Roaming and then will be heading to Herefordshire for the final show of Tainted Love at The Downstairs Gallery at West Brompton House
Its going to be a lively and busy September.

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