Monday, 15 October 2012

Blue Light (excerpt) and the imagination

I have finally managed the time to organise getting an excerpt of 'Blue Light' onto YouTube and vimeo. It has been shown at Aid and Abet in Cambridge and I am pleased to say that it will be showing in Bethnal Green in December and I hope it will travel on to many other venues from there.
I am now finally getting the time to work on new work without the added pressures of shows etc for the first time in a little under three years so have spent time procrastinating in the studio by painting the floor, tidying up (not much) and getting things ready for a couple of shows of existing work.

I am heading into my usual modus operandi of unearthing new ideas through research (reading), disguising (writing), manipulating (both writing and making) and imagining a fusion (mainly making and loosing all sense of clarity) of the nonsense that pops up into my head whilst forming new ideas and work. Through stealing moments from my surroundings I attempt to extract that internal sense of clarity, to walk carefully through those internalised conversations, to escape quickly with little warning. Things are rarely mapped out, most of it is a fleeting romance with my imagination and the sum of the parts is measured through what comes out, often made up from self -elected rules placed in some kind of reality as well as those that are very definitely not. Its a complicated landscape ahead that I am running into it with my eyes wide open, I hope that one day institutional bodies might recognise that imagination cannot and should not be quantified and certainly cannot be taught.

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