Friday, 24 June 2011

Crystal Waters

A lot of things have happened since my last post.
Invitations have now been sent out for Ickworth, Harewood works are being tweeked, works are being packed and new works are beginning to arise for Brantwood with careful consideration. Alongside this, writings are flying past my eyes, teaching is still going on, MA modules are being worked on and I am to reapply for my existing teaching post in the next week (extremely short notice) or opt for redundancy. All of this combined is proving to be exhausting and likened to a rollercoaster of highs and lows all to be absorbed as the norm as a practicing artist and jobbing lecturer. It is an odd sensation to be held in high regard in some circles and tossed away by others.
On a brighter note a dear friend has been offered an amazing opportunity over the water and I salute her. I hope this is the beginnings of something amazing and beautiful and that she will look back at these dark days in wonderment and good humour! Go Girl!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The structure of Telling

The works for Harewood are accumulating and I really must take some good photographs of them for the house, the family at Harewood and my records. I have this week been to London twice, once with a new cohort of students and once for my own pleasure, unwinding, accumulating and then going to the National Portrait gallery for a performative talk in the evening. Meeting up with old friends has made me realise how detached I have been from my studio at Wysing over the past few months in preparation for the Telling project, however depending on a set of circumstances, I hope to be back there soon.
The bits I have truly enjoyed this week have been to catch up with friends, have meetings with collectives and curators, the trips out and talking about new projects with other people have led to an exciting if tiring week alongside working on my own work every spare minute I have.
There is however a distinct possibility that I may have more free time quite soon, so new and innovative approaches to making new work could be on the horizon. I have to say that I feel, as ever, very positive about this prospect and could be quietly wishing it on.

The ad for Telling is now in the June/July/Aug 2011 copy of Frieze magazine.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Riding the crest of the wave

I am for a few weeks more being very secretive about new works that will be installed at Ickworth. The designers Povi and Ivan have made beautiful invitations, presentations and brochure text layout for the project.
I for now, are continuing to make a series of 27 for Harewood, amalgamating portraits, the story by Pamela and three dimensional concepts to make a high impact on the Cinnamon Room where I hope these works will be installed.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The work for Ickworth House is finally complete! I have managed to make 21 works in all, both two dimensional, 3 dimensional and object based with some that will have their own identity in the space and some that will be slipped into the pre existing collection. I have enjoyed it, although extremely exhausting, and I have had to stop myself from carrying on as there are so many exciting stories in that houses history, but I have to now concentrate on the works for Harewood. I really must speak to the maker of the cake that will also be in place for the opening too, to keep him up to date with what I have been making as much has come together over the last two weeks. I am hoping that this will be more straight forward in that I have a great story to work from and a clear idea of how I see the works in situ so hopefully I can maintain this pace of working in order for it to give me enough time to start and complete the works for Brantwood after that.

This is going to be a mammoth task as the houses in general are large and space is already filled in terms of their own collections however once work is underway I anticipate that the run through should be clear. I have received some great photographs of the space and the objects in Harewood and will start to put these ideas into place this week. As I do so, my mind will no doubt then turn to the third venue Brantwood and its fantastic surroundings. I am yet to receive the story from the writer for this one, so this will be very exciting indeed.

Outside of the Telling project I have been invited to participate in a show in London in August, will be a distant participant in a residency in the summer, works need to be started for the other Monte London show as well as works for Folkestone and I have been asked to submit an idea for something else in August as well as popping in a proposal to work on something very exciting for next year. Lets just hope that I can afford to do all this.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bread, wine and the death of a landlord

I have recovered from the Limerick trip which was, as you would expect, a fairly busy weekend. The list of extra curricular events witnessed were:
A feisty drunk mother punching a member of her daughters communion party in the face without spilling a drop
A feisty drunk mother pestered the hotel staff continually in an attempt to start a fight for another hour and a half until the police were called
A small child got their arm stuck in a revolving door, which as you would expect, the communion party had lots to scream about
People face down in an unconscious state littering the streets after a rivaled game of rugby took place
Barcelona won a match to which I still don't know the opposing team
A wedding (with chocolate fountain) happened in the hotel foyer

And perhaps best of all...
A Canadian golf team played a drunken game of golf until 4am in the hotel foyer on my last nights stay - amazingly nothing was broken!
Oh yes, and
A rock and roll evening took place with guitars, singing and then further singing in sleep was heard in the wee hours from a friend sharing the same room
A long lost friend of a friend was hunted down for an emotional reunion in a pub where the landlord was then found dead upstairs

I think that is is.

The art fair was, unlike the activities of others, busy, serious and very professional. Well done to those that maintained this around all the chaos of the weekend. Well done Occupy Space!

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