Sunday, 5 June 2011

The work for Ickworth House is finally complete! I have managed to make 21 works in all, both two dimensional, 3 dimensional and object based with some that will have their own identity in the space and some that will be slipped into the pre existing collection. I have enjoyed it, although extremely exhausting, and I have had to stop myself from carrying on as there are so many exciting stories in that houses history, but I have to now concentrate on the works for Harewood. I really must speak to the maker of the cake that will also be in place for the opening too, to keep him up to date with what I have been making as much has come together over the last two weeks. I am hoping that this will be more straight forward in that I have a great story to work from and a clear idea of how I see the works in situ so hopefully I can maintain this pace of working in order for it to give me enough time to start and complete the works for Brantwood after that.

This is going to be a mammoth task as the houses in general are large and space is already filled in terms of their own collections however once work is underway I anticipate that the run through should be clear. I have received some great photographs of the space and the objects in Harewood and will start to put these ideas into place this week. As I do so, my mind will no doubt then turn to the third venue Brantwood and its fantastic surroundings. I am yet to receive the story from the writer for this one, so this will be very exciting indeed.

Outside of the Telling project I have been invited to participate in a show in London in August, will be a distant participant in a residency in the summer, works need to be started for the other Monte London show as well as works for Folkestone and I have been asked to submit an idea for something else in August as well as popping in a proposal to work on something very exciting for next year. Lets just hope that I can afford to do all this.

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