Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Bread, wine and the death of a landlord

I have recovered from the Limerick trip which was, as you would expect, a fairly busy weekend. The list of extra curricular events witnessed were:
A feisty drunk mother punching a member of her daughters communion party in the face without spilling a drop
A feisty drunk mother pestered the hotel staff continually in an attempt to start a fight for another hour and a half until the police were called
A small child got their arm stuck in a revolving door, which as you would expect, the communion party had lots to scream about
People face down in an unconscious state littering the streets after a rivaled game of rugby took place
Barcelona won a match to which I still don't know the opposing team
A wedding (with chocolate fountain) happened in the hotel foyer

And perhaps best of all...
A Canadian golf team played a drunken game of golf until 4am in the hotel foyer on my last nights stay - amazingly nothing was broken!
Oh yes, and
A rock and roll evening took place with guitars, singing and then further singing in sleep was heard in the wee hours from a friend sharing the same room
A long lost friend of a friend was hunted down for an emotional reunion in a pub where the landlord was then found dead upstairs

I think that is is.

The art fair was, unlike the activities of others, busy, serious and very professional. Well done to those that maintained this around all the chaos of the weekend. Well done Occupy Space!

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