Saturday, 30 April 2011


The Count of Monte Cristo: Conspiracy opened in Manchester on Thursday at Rogue Artists Studio Space and we found ourselves in the Guardian Guide today

We then had a meeting over breakfast to discuss the next shows, an art fair in Limerick at the end of May, a show at Asylum in London at the end of July and a showing of work at Folkestone Triennial in September

I have returned to a furious attempt at filing my studio at home into some kind of order in anticipation for continuing my work with 'Telling'. I have received a number of images and documents from the houses this week at my request and I am ploughing through the order things as I write. Tomorrow, I hope will be a very productive day.

The designers meanwhile are working on the public face of the project and writers are furiously working on exciting texts. I need to go searching for the Ickworth element of the project (currently secret) and all should be well on the way over the next week or so...

I had a very exciting phone call this week from an acquaintance who is going to introduce me to someone else at my studio at Wysing who would like to talk to me about a really exciting idea for next year. Cant wait to hear about that!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Telling Ickworth and the Count

The Count of Monte Cristo: Island of True Stories has received a great review in an interface which made us all smile Plans are afoot in preparation for the next and third chapter and show, The Count of Monte Cristo: Conspiracy, which opens at Rogue Studio space, Manchester on Thursday 28th April . We have confirmed a slot in Folkestone Triennial and a London space in July as well as being part of an art weekend of events in Limerick at the end of May with Transition Gallery
I have started work on Telling Ickworth and hope to start picking up pace over the next few weeks. Harewood have now confirmed a July opening, so its busy time on my part from now until November. The designers are in (bit excited about this!) and plans are in place for making a cake. So exciting stuff indeed!

Friday, 15 April 2011

Prize Fighter

So, a quick catch up. What have I been up to? Not even I can remember..(hasty check on ical). Ah yes, I had a great day with Hallie at The Heinz Archive, then on to The V & A chasing a newly discovered object on my part and then onto a bit of drawing at The Natural History Museum, great day. I have been to The Sainsbury Centre looking at hairy braid and filmic wonderments, then onto a meeting with a collaborative artist, visiting her studio with plans afoot to make new work. Then two days in Cumbria with another writer visiting Grizedale Arts and a meeting with The Director to research further our ideas of how to make this part of the project happen. Prints, photograph, sugarcraft, cake meeting and a haircut later I am sitting here exhausted attempting to send my CV off to West Dean as well as some photographs. I have been fortunate enough to have been offered some work there next year and so a trip to their headquarters and London follow to check out a new gallery space this week. In the midst of all this work for Manchester slowly builds as well as materials and ideas for Telling. I am so excited that we have our designers Povi and Ivan onboard, cant wait to see what they offer Telling.
Monte has offered forward more shows in Limerick, London and Folkestone where I might attempt to find out more about Ruskins prize fighter. More on that later..and The Spring/Summer 2011 edition of Arty is a Count of Monte Cristo special.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


The work has been installed and the private view has now passed, so The Count of Monte Cristo at Exeter Phoenix is now open to the public until mid May. The next chapter at Rogue Project Space Manchester is 'The Conspiracy' opening for a short stint at the end of April 2011 and I have researched my next step carefully.

It now feels like spring time for Telling. Writers are stirring, houses are being revisited and the meta-narrative is forming nicely. I spend my travel time making copious notes and diagrams to make sense of it all and hopefully I will be able to relay my thoughts in a telepathic way to Catherine over the next few days before our next chat on Tuesday.

I am meeting Hallie again on Thursday for a spot of research at the Heinz archive which I am SO excited about. I have never visited, so I am hoping that what we are looking for is there! Its like looking for more treasure.

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