Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I have written to ken today, this is all quite exciting as I have been given an address, lets hope something happens. I have also a back up plan, this is Alan, so fingers crossed. I have been working on a new piece that is to enter into a show/auction type event for a gallery in London. So too have I been putting a group proposal together for an exciting show down in the South for next year that is also going to have a presence in Manchester the following week.
My ever looming presentation is on Saturday and at the moment, I just have a feeling of dread as I am ill prepared, but have the next couple of days to concentrate on it, God willing.

Friday, 22 October 2010


I am now back from my trip to Devon which was highly charged in terms of excitement and productivity. All venues for next year are now secure and I have one more thing up my sleeve to pull the whole thing off. Its quite a biggie, but we will have to wait and see before I can spill. The last two days have been so busy that the journey down there and back was so full of telephone messages, emails and texts that the hours simply evaporated before me. I have now got to get down to some serious work in terms of coordination and efficiency, eek.
This post is a little secretive in terms of who, what and where I have been having these discussions with, but, no doubt, I will slow reveal as appropriate. Anyway, head down, got things to do and plan....

Monday, 18 October 2010

Gosh I have been slack

Gosh I have been slack with my updates. It has been around 3 weeks since my last post and I have been working on numerous projects as I have come to expect of late. Wysing Partnering opened on Saturday sending out clues to myself and Catherine Hemelryk's project that will kick off next year. Such clues as a a closed book, a plait of hair, a purple twig, number 27, some minerals and a scoundrel were left, as well as an indication of a family crest and a series of portraits. Overall, it all looks good, so if you find yourself in the Cambridge area, do take a peek.
I am currently also working on a research question titled 'Is telling a story telling a lie?' I am fully immersed in it and enjoying its playful qualities within my work. Let's see where that one takes me.
Tomorrow I am taking myself to Exeter for a couple of days for a couple of meetings. More on this to follow.
For now, I will leave you with an image, make of it what you will.

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