Saturday, 26 June 2010

I am working on the family tree, writing names in places that mean so much. The identity of the project has hit a point where clarity and honesty must wrestle in the deep waters of my Id.the emblem has become significant in terms of identity regarding the soul of the project, which is crucial to me at it's creator, though will, most likely, confuse others.
I am due to have a solo at Tap, Coexist,Southend which has allowed the ideas intertwined within to be forced to the front in order for it all to make sense. There are to be trophies, emblems, drawings and sounds and sculptures to enhance new portraits within the show which opens in August.
On another note, I have managed to secure a spot at Rogue Gallery and studios, Manchester, to show new works with fellow artists Annabel Dover, Alex Pearl and Mimei Thompson, more on this project later... I am also embarking on making new works on a new project with Darren Banks, David Kefford and Simon Woolham which we are working collaboratively on shared works, again more about this soon.
The shows with myself, the curator Catherine Hemelryck and writers is going well, venues and writers will be revealed in the not too distant future.
I am the selected representative for th Eastern region in a show at The Arts Council curated by Axis is due to open on 5th July, Artside in Southend also opens that month.
Still, back to work...

Saturday, 5 June 2010

This last week has allowed time for an outpouring of crises, all of which have been ridden out on a wave of neurosis, questioning, lamentation and loathing, possibly due to overall exhaustion with the demands I put myself under from day to day. In order for me to gain perspective, I have withdrawn from creating any new work in the last few days, filling my time with physical activity away from my desk.
I have now returned after 4 days away to a feeling of slight readjustment, with fingers crossed that I can stay focussed on the things that are important, rather than than the things that are not. All I can do if try to address the balance on a daily basis and hope that it doesn't implode again. I am therefore concentrating on getting work ready for some possible shows in the US and Canada, escaping in my head whilst floating just above the ground in the UK.

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