Monday, 25 July 2011

I have completed six portraits for Brantwood and have almost completed six accompanying drawings relating to the text I have been researching and Lucinda's writing. I am looking forward to spending some time at Ruskin's house to focus on making some more drawings for work ongoing. It is planned that Lucinda will be staying in Ruskins old bedroom and Catherine and I will be above the studio space occupied by Ruskin and his aquaintances, so REALLY exciting!
This weekend saw in a well needed visit to Wysing for the open weekend and open studios. I had some great conversations with many people about my current work that was on show in the studio as well as meet new people.
It has been great news to find out that ROAM, the artists collective I am working with has been awarded an Arts Council grant to enable myself and the others in the group to get some film ideas off the ground. This summer I hope to take a visit or two to North Norfolk to source people, groups and sites that I hope to film with. Very exciting! In anticipation I have been working on some experimental film works trying out equipment I have and equipment I will need. I am really looking forward to working on this over the autumn months.
After Brantwwod, I will be working on some drawings for Pulp Fictions at Transition, making new work for Salty Sailors for the Folkestone Triennial and making small hidden pieces for Ayslum, London. Beyond that I will then return to making work for Dr JOhnsons House London and then works for A La Ronde.
I hope over the next couple of days to get an additional blog up about subconscious drawing and will be inviting people to contribute as well as update my website, which is due a large overhaul.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

De(constructive) right of passage

I have been in bed for days.
Tired from recent activities, Telling at Ickworth is now in place and open and I am now working on pieces for Brantwood. The text from Lucinda is very revealing of the character of Ruskin and people in the shadow of Ruskin and I hope to have them all completed by the end of this week.
The launch at Ickworth was eventful with two openings, one private and one public, with Ben reading his text and Jamie revealing his beautifully crafted narrative cake. I am extremely happy with it all as the staff have been really supportive throughout and the volunteers had many questions to ask at the public opening. This is, as far as I am aware the first time that Ickworth has opened its doors to contemporary art and the challenge of getting it to work and be in place for thorough questioning was a really demanding but rewarding journey. Placing contemporary art in an unfamiliar setting is another beast altogether than showing in an art related context and is one that has made me question the validity of the work, its context and its value to a greater extent. This has been above all a personal challenge to place my work out of its ordinary setting asking new audiences to comment and raise questions that I hadnt already thought about in many ways.
Most of all it seems that the initial exposure has got people talking again about the past Hervey family and their eccentricities in a colourful and I hope celebratory way bringing the place to life again in a new and exciting way. I have had some very complimentary comments about the work in situ as well as some derogatory comments. This is all I can ask for in terms of REAL critique of my current practice.

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