Wednesday, 27 June 2012

All things film & Freud

All things for filming are in place and ready to go. I have sought costumes, venues, a B & B, props and aides and so all has gone quietly to plan. I am looking forward now to Friday filming in Cromer Hall and Saturday at Beeston Regis. All I have to do now is find me a black dog..

Other work is going to plan too. Citing Freudian psychoanalysis with three tangential viewpoints, displace love, object and ritual I am working on a body of work that will hopefully all fall into place for the end of July.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Its a public affair

The organisation for the film is going well. I have now selected 10 out of the 24 actor applicants for 'The BlueLight' and have secured the grounds of All Saints Church in Beeston Regis as another filming venue. I am just waiting to hear back about another two potential places although as they are both outside spaces  I should be able to do it anyway but have sought permission just to make sure. Additionally to this I have also asked for the use of a space for auditioning in Norwich, so I will have to wait to see what happens there but I anticipate auditioning on June 15th for filming sometime at the end of June.

The next stage for me is to finalise the storyboarding, something I have never done before but with the Jubilee festivities happening around me this gives me the best opportunity to get away from the tat and circumstance and concentrate quietly in the studio undisturbed by phone calls, emails and the usual interruptions. I am pretty nervous about this but have decided that I am going to look at it as moving pieces of work as I am not particularly interested in whether the story is transparent as it is concentrating more on the behavioural aspects of the characters throughout the storyline rather than the narrative.

Outside of this I am pulling some research together for another body of work that has been ongoing and unresolved for a while. Again this concentrates on behaviour looking at powerful historical figures that have held back on making private behaviour public through family affairs of one kind or another. Again this is fictional and factual work merged, citing romantic love as a form of madness at a point where uncontrollable unconscious acts become powerful tools of control from within, are then passed onto the will of others and are then revered and then normalised by society as time passes quietly.

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