Friday, 23 April 2010

And then Gloria's Crew in Birmingham at The Vaults on Wednesday 28th April.
Glorias Crew
This weekend sees the opening of The Worcester Open, I have three works selected.

My New York flight has been rescheduled rather annoyingly for the week I am installing the show at Backlit. I had also planned visits to Manchester and Liverpool, so they have been pushed to one side in order for me to take the trip to the US. Now I have instead this feeling of mild panic in my stomach that I have to give over the control of installing to the technicians and curators at Backlit, whom I trust implicitly to make those deciding factors to how it will look overall. This also means that I will miss the PV, which is a disappointment. I have had to remove the complex lighting show planned in order for the show to become simpler, but hopefully I will be able to install this somewhere on later in the year if it fits.
So, I will spend the next couple of days finishing off the large sculptural pieces which will either arrive in a van complete or in parts depending on transport issues, the rest is manageable...

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