Sunday, 3 April 2011


The work has been installed and the private view has now passed, so The Count of Monte Cristo at Exeter Phoenix is now open to the public until mid May. The next chapter at Rogue Project Space Manchester is 'The Conspiracy' opening for a short stint at the end of April 2011 and I have researched my next step carefully.

It now feels like spring time for Telling. Writers are stirring, houses are being revisited and the meta-narrative is forming nicely. I spend my travel time making copious notes and diagrams to make sense of it all and hopefully I will be able to relay my thoughts in a telepathic way to Catherine over the next few days before our next chat on Tuesday.

I am meeting Hallie again on Thursday for a spot of research at the Heinz archive which I am SO excited about. I have never visited, so I am hoping that what we are looking for is there! Its like looking for more treasure.

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