Saturday, 18 June 2011

The structure of Telling

The works for Harewood are accumulating and I really must take some good photographs of them for the house, the family at Harewood and my records. I have this week been to London twice, once with a new cohort of students and once for my own pleasure, unwinding, accumulating and then going to the National Portrait gallery for a performative talk in the evening. Meeting up with old friends has made me realise how detached I have been from my studio at Wysing over the past few months in preparation for the Telling project, however depending on a set of circumstances, I hope to be back there soon.
The bits I have truly enjoyed this week have been to catch up with friends, have meetings with collectives and curators, the trips out and talking about new projects with other people have led to an exciting if tiring week alongside working on my own work every spare minute I have.
There is however a distinct possibility that I may have more free time quite soon, so new and innovative approaches to making new work could be on the horizon. I have to say that I feel, as ever, very positive about this prospect and could be quietly wishing it on.

The ad for Telling is now in the June/July/Aug 2011 copy of Frieze magazine.

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