Monday, 23 April 2012

Tainted Love, ROAM and a hint of violence

I have finally finished work for Tainted Love which is a touring show travelling to London, Coventry and Herefordshire this summer. I have agonised over this one, with wrestling with illness and juggling silly things that have taken an inordinate amount of time to tie together. Feeling on the whole a lot better the work has resulted in making 5 x A2 sized pieces, 2 paintings and 7 small works on paper. I have added drawing and symbolic gestures that have tied researching Aleister Crowley, his muse Laylah and Stindhal's Theory of Crystalization. See the link to my work as well as the work of others here Tainted Love. Overall I am pleased but may add more objects as the show moves on.

Catching up today with admin I am about to embark on concluding my research for the film as well as working on another piece that looks at control and behaviour. I am also making new drawings for another project working with another artist. ROAM continues it quest to amalgamate the work of 7 artists and we now have a website that it live where you can follow my filmic ideas with others works that will accumulate to be shown at Aid and Abet in September

This will take me over the summer to complete and hopefully will be enjoyable now that I have settled in at my new studio managing to get there every day, even if it is to contemplate and reflect on things past.

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