Friday, 4 May 2012

Control or is it?

Today I have added a sale page to my website and have sold already Madame Coopers Troopers. Yesterday was the opening of Tainted Love at Transition Galley, London where I chatted to a few new and old acquaintances. The space has been divided up by ply boards which give a sense of viewing the works in an intimiate space, which I really like. The PV was very busy. I am working on quite a few applications for things which I am pretty excited about like residencies, commissions and funding and feel, for the first time in ages, pretty on top of things, although I do have much to do. This week I have managed to secure a new tutoring post, which will, no doubt, come with its own new challenges and have also agreed to be in a show over the summer in Cardiff, although, right now I have no idea what it will become in terms of outcome. I have been reading and having fruitful conversations which is helping my current research into romance and the sense of the love lorn powerless man. Its pretty tongue in cheek as ever, but the reading is good. Next up is Tainted Love touring to The Meter Room in Coventry and film work for Roaming, which is ongoing as is work for my current MA. Lots of loose ends but all hopefully moving in the same direction.

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