Sunday, 13 May 2012

Poles, fountains and hanging lamps

This last week I have been forging ahead with the film as I now have three potential venues in Norfolk and offers from actors/performers to take part. I am holding out for one particular venue which I really hope to be able to use but it incurs a cost, so I will have to wait and see how much. I should hear back very soon. In anticipation I have a plan B.
The rest of my time has been taken up with finding a common ground between three historical figures and I have found it, so after tomorrows meeting in London for Roam, I hope to move on with more constructive outcomes.
I haven't been in my studio for a week, so I am itching to get on with sourcing and putting things together for work upcoming. 

This is my infantry so far.

Sticks, umbrellas, poles, trees, firearms, guns, pistols and the revolver, faucets, watering cans, fountains, hanging lamps, collapsible pencils, pencils, quills, nail files, hammers.

Balloons, aeroplanes, zeppelins, flying
reptiles and fish, snakes, hats, cloaks
pits, caves, hollows, pitchers, bottles, trunks, jars, cases, pockets, ships, wardrobes, stoves, rooms
doors, entrances, wood, paper, tables and books, snails, mussels, mouths, churches and chapels
apples, peaches and fruits in general, cliffs, woods and water, machinery difficult to describe.

Jewel- caskets, jewels and treasure, sweets, play, piano playing, sliding and coasting, tearing off a branch.
Ones teeth fall out or having them pulled.
Dancing, riding and climbing or being run over. Being threatened more over.

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