Friday, 6 April 2012

Settling down

I have just got back from a weeks work at West Dean feeling despondent with teaching and grey and sombre in mood. It has been weeks since I have been active regarding making work of any worth and now with a doctors diagnosis I have at least got an understanding of why I have been inactive. Now waiting for further results I have had my first productive day working in my new studio on new ideas as well as modes of working and things are moving steadily forward in terms of production.
I have so much to do regarding studies, research, three shows, drawings and films that I have been in a state of paralysis for a while and now, with a week ahead with no particular commitments I am attempting to crack on.
I have been reading a lot and am making slow tentative moves back to painting and I hope to have my visuals ready in terms of film direction in parallel. I am working on things for three shows in upcoming months, all of which have a lot to do with darkness of thought and violent acts in a romantic context. Likewise, the film and further works are to reenact behavioural acts that are centred around psychoanalytical theory, literature and gaps in memory and thought.

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