Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring leap

I have decided to leap from my studio at Wysing to a new one nearer home. With the costs of travelling rising and with what seems like a busy-ish time in terms of making work, it has been a hard decision to make but no doubt a sensible one financially. I am now residing in an outlandishly large old paint workshop which has been empty for almost two years and so I have been scrubbing and slapping white emulsion over the walls for the last couple of weeks. That said, I have now more or less managed to condense what was two ineffectual working studio spaces (one too far away and one at home as well) into one large fully functioning work space. I have a few more trips of things to take in terms of materials but other than that I am done.

And so, on to work things. I haven't been that productive overall. I am working on the last module for an MA which will be finishing in July and contemplating my navel with ideas to run with regarding work for Tainted Love. I have researched the questionable relationship between a significant cultural figure and his muse and so next comes the work. I have no idea where its heading , but that is usually a good thing in terms of enjoyment.

I am heading up to North Norfolk in a couple of weeks to discover places to film. This is, as ever, ongoing and due to my move has been put on hold slightly. That said, I have sourced a potential film maker or two, got a couple of volunteer prop makers and even had a proposal from a composer, so its looking exciting. I just need actors. It is my intention to wrestle with the storyboarding and overall look now, before I go ahead and arrange dates. The project fits into a larger collective concept and I have been busy taking the role of marketing guru liaising with the very efficient project manager/curator and things are finally getting off the ground. We should be potentially live in the next week or so, so more on that later...

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