Wednesday, 7 March 2012

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The talk/lecture went well at Senate House and I am hoping to upload images and the video to my website shortly. It was great to meet the other artists involved as well as meeting the actor Anthony Shuster, who was taking a break from working for the last two years on Warhorse. There were many interesting questions at the end of the presentations too, which is always great to be part of. Here is a video clip and some photographs from the event.

This week I have made a drawing for a fundraiser at Transition Gallery which involves pagan ritual and references to horn dancers. The fete where these works will be on show is on March 18th, so run by if you can and make a bid.

I am now unpicking the final edit of the story from Liz Williams, who as ever, has made a beautiful and curious story around some ideas I have had for a film. I have put a call out for volunteers, so if you are interested in taking part them drop me a line at I am hoping to drive up to North Norfolk in the next couple of weeks to hunt down relevant places to film. I have a good idea of where, so lets hope the churches around that area are just as enthusiastic.

I have as yet to pin down my ideas for Tainted Love, but I am sure it will not be far off. I am tied between my love of an object or a person, so I will need to wait and see which one wins.

In other news I am saddened to be leaving my Wysing studio at the end of this month. Unfortunately the costs of getting to and from can no longer be justified with the cut in my teaching hours and subsequent larger input I am putting into my practice. I have however almost secured a new studio not far from my home and with the current financial crisis I may have got myself a great deal, fingers crossed.

I managed last week to see some great shows both in and out of London. I particularly enjoyed Culpable Earth by Steven Claydon at Firstsite in Colchester. Great content, curatorship and interview by Andrea Cotton online

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