Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I guess something starts soon?

All the filming is done. It was an efficient day but a long one. The actors were outstanding and John was amazing. A small yet fantastic team. Friday this week is the day that we are recording the voiceover for the film, so August will be the month of editing, no doubt the sun may shine then.

I am now back amidst Freudian theories and newly constructed narratives, looking at how I can weave letters from Freud and his daughter through object and hysterical behaviour. Last weekend the symposium took place where we talked through our research, our theories and our ideas. I asked the audience to participate and they were outstanding, so pulling the last few ideas together over the next week or so.
I am pulling things together for the show at the end of the month and sending work off to Cardiff for Beaten Black, Blue, Red, Green and Gold, an exciting looking show curated by Tom Goddard, Huw Andrews and Laura Reeves to run along side the Olympics, which I guess opens soon.

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