Friday, 27 January 2012

Things popping up

Things have gotten busy.
Firstly, I forgot to mention all the hard work that Alex (Pearl) put in to get Caddington up and running. He lovingly painted the trompe l'oeil around the door of which I am particularly proud.

Last week's review of (NTWB) Telling: Caddington Hall was a fantastic surprise. As usual, I was expecting to have to get a magnifying glass out to find it but I was absolutely stunned to see it take up 3/4 of a page. So stunned in fact that I immediately shut the paper without reading and got out the cafetiere to arm me with my usual caffeine intake before doing anything else. In reading, I appreciated its careful and beautifully written prose. I have already thanked Zoe Pilger for this fantastic opportunity to get a review in the National Press.

Onto other things. I am currently working on some pieces for a presentation to be hosted at the University of London at the end of February and I am in need of getting the text ready asap, so that it makes some kind of opaque sense to me. Maybe tomorrow.

I am still waiting for Liz's story and the glass for new work as well as hearing back about the filming. The film is going ahead, I just don't know when and where.

Next week is the last week and chance to catch Caddington Hall and the works at a la ronde and then (NTWB) Telling will be over.

I have a couple of other talks/lectures to prepare for too as February has suddenly filled up with lots of new and exciting opportunities. I am also teaching for the first time at West Dean College in the half term and I am particularly interested in looking more at the fascinating contents of the house after I stayed over last weekend for a tutor seminar. I will be part of a 'paper' week, so we will have to see how that maps out. I am expecting it to be pretty intense but I am looking forward to the new teaching challenge.

I am continuing to work on my new Empire works, but this appears to be sporadic at best with all of these other things popping up.

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