Thursday, 3 March 2011

I can see you but can you see me

Last week I visit Devon for a mini meeting with Matt at Exeter Phoenix and then onto A La Ronde with Catherine to meet the next writer attached to the project by this venue. We had a tour by Trevor our guide, who was extremely informative and I made copious notes which I still need to attach to the research overall. The writer Liz Williams was lovely and has some great initial ideas with how the story from A La Ronde may fit into the works I have proposed to make. I have a feeling that this one could really fit into not only the project but my practice overall, but I will have to wait and see.

The work for Exeter is almost together and I have finally worked out how the space will work overall last night. Extremely excited about all of this now, I have whizzed off some drawings to the gallery and I hope the tech is happy to help. It will take a bit of construction. The chapel at A La Ronde that we also peeked around was informative to the final decision about the space, so it all ties in nicely. Lets hope Matt agrees!

I have written a proposal this week which brings together my current work, my practice as well as another exciting venture which will kick off nicely after Christmas. I wont reveal any of it for a while due to the nature of the work, just keep watching.

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