Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lord fanny and his crystallum mount

Things are moving on a pace. An exciting proposal for the summer has just been agreed and as soon as I am able the next meeting will take place to discuss things further. I have decided to make a structure to house my works for the Exeter show. I am therefore sourcing materials for this and hope to start making soon. Its is very exciting for me in terms of culminating my recent thoughts, so lets hope it works. if not, well, it will be warmer in my studio.
My research into The Herveys of Ickworth has involved buying a book to get to know the inhabitants more. Published in 2001, it is a relatively recent account of the activities there and is so far proving invaluable.
The Fellowship in which I now belong is starting to amass ideas for forthcoming shows and hopefully a residency. If our proposals are successful it should be a really good start to the year, hopefully moving on to other exciting propositions at a later date.
My work for the Trust New Art has been photographed and sent and my next exploration is to attempt crystalising certain solutions to inform new working ideas. Lets hope it doesnt all evaporate into very little.

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