Monday, 24 May 2010

Ok, so last week was taken up with a series of disastrous events and some fantastic happenings coincidentally mixed with a terrific amount of travelling on my part.
As well as a couple of trips to London, I visited with Catherine Hemelryk, the lovely Brantwood House in Cumbria to look at and digest the world of John Ruskin for the last 28 years of his life on this earth.
We were met by Howard Hull, the director of Brantwood House and its gardens, who led us around the site at much speed (due to our returning train) negotiating waterfalls, rocky ground, crystals and jaw dropping landscapes as well as introducing us to the extensive world of the catalog(ue)ing Mr Ruskin.
I came away elated at the discovery of such a place with many many ideas swimming around my head as well as the added excitement of receiving an invited opportunity to develop our ideas alongside the Ruskin Research Centre and its library.
Swamped under only slightly with other work commitments at the moment, I await with impatience the opportunity to get my head buried underneath some serious reading material.
Oh, and I have sold a number of works this week and have been shortlisted as one of three artists from the east to be put forward for an exhibition on the first floor of Arts Council England's national office at Great Peter Street, London curated by Axis.

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