Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A rural idyll

I have recently rescued a Golden Saluki year old hound which has meant that I have been out in the countryside walking (well, in truth running) and meeting new creatures along the way. The photograph above is one of them. We have named him 'Cyril the sad lonely bear'. Yesterday there was a child's scarf levitating on some reeds, I must remember to photograph that next time.

The research for my winter filming is steadily moving forward and a trip up to the North Norfolk coast will happen imminently in a bid to get away from the excesses of this festive period.

Whilst on this festive note, today Annabel and I shared a sad christmas cracker (just the one) over our sad school christmas dinner of roast turkey (Annabel) and yet another jacket potato (me). We laughed at the non funny 'What does a tree and a dog have in common?' joke, Answer: BARK (a fitting context for me and my rural idyll) and spent a brief moment trying to work out whether there was a 'no expenses' spared gift inside. At first we believed it was empty but no, to our surprise we discovered a pale, almost transparent sad little green figure that looked depressingly at its feet with folded down wings and a look of despair.
Well that's another Christmas over with in the workplace this year.
(Apparently, the dinner has happened this week instead of next as they have lots of other things to be getting on with next week (words from a dinner lady?) what? )

Ah this Merrie England.

At this point in time I am trying hard not to be completely absorbed by the beast and am mid way plotting the show at Transition (NTWBT) in January with the work mostly done. Tomorrow night Now that would be (Telling) goes to 100 Charing Cross Road to be part of an event featuring writers and novelists of varying genres and we are hoping to produce a bound publication to complete the project.

I have recently been applying for funded things again and putting proposals together in a bid to pull next year into shape and I am very excited about quite a few of them. The body of research I have been working on has become all consuming and I hope to be at the point where I step back to making work again after a rest from working solidly for many many months for NTWBT and Monte.

My next posting will hopefully contain new ideas, show at least one new work and as always be a little evasive.

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