Sunday, 13 November 2011

Awaiting further instruction

And so..
My foot is now off the accelerator and I have unduly and rather predictably caught a cold, but never mind. Recovering now, my thoughts turn towards creating a new body of work that will contain the works I have made for (Now that would be) Telling. At the moment, I see them a stars floating in the sky that need to be captured and pulled into shape, although I don't know what that will entail as yet. Much more work to be done there. The next showing will be in london on December 8th and then again in London in January.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with another artist and curator to discuss an idea and even a future something, so more on that later. I then move onto Wysing that day to have a meeting about our ROAM project which is in the research and development stage over the winter. We are coming together to discuss all that we have one so far, so it will be great to catch up with them all after a very long absence regarding former project discussion. And that is all.

The Wilmore Fellowship is again gathering itself for the selection of works by chosen artists who have asked to be considered for the contemporary collection. This will no doubt be a lengthy process with Lord Wilmore, but will be so worth it in the end.

I head into the winter with the possibility of finally having the time to get my head around new ideas which should mean that I will be at Wysing more, making new work and thinking about future possibilities, collaborations and shows. This always seems so scary when the work load has been so epic, particularly as it has been for around the last seven or eight months or so, but I realise it is well overdue and is looked on with eagerness. I await further instruction.

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