Tuesday, 2 August 2011

So now my website (and this blog) is all new. I am, a little reserved about the white, but will see if it warms over time.
I had a great meeting at Aid & Abet in Cambridge yesterday with the artists collective ROAM. We were discussing ways in which we are to move our now arts council funded project ROAMING along. Whilst there, I saw some great work from many friends that have inhabited the space for the duration of July and although the show/residencies had finished a couple of days ago, it was good to catch up with the remnants of what had been.
Brantwood is all but complete, although I have to write up the titles and prices list over the next couple of days. The work for Dr Johnson's has been discussed and confirmed, but I need to put Telling aside for a short while to complete works for Pulp Fictions, Folkestone Triennial and Asylum for September. Work for Transition Gallery is almost there and drawings for a couple of projects are being worked on as I write.
I am really excited about the ROAM project as it allows me to work on ideas for a film, which is going to be extremely challenging but exciting if the collaborations all fall into place. It will be a great project to work on over those dark and cold months with hopefully a outcome by the spring for an extensive showing in the summer of next year. Lets hope it all works out. There should also, support pending, be a small publication at the end of it, which I am really keen to express my ideas and concepts behind this work, as it seems like a natural way to progress my work right now.
In between my thoughts and processes that are both old and new I am working on a new narrative that will hopefully house the portraits that I have been making over the last few years. This at the moment is a visual mapping of a place where these works may or may not exist in the future. I am reading many excerpts from books at the same time to enable the creation of this place, whether it be fictional or real. What I am sure about is that I am excited to be making work that is more personal to me as it has been a struggle over the last couple of months to make all of my doings cohesive.
Exciting times ahead perhaps?

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