Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I am currently working on a new collaborative project at BCA. David, Darren and myself have wandered around Bedford to get a sense of what we want to achieve, with the the hows and the whys thrown in.
Our starting point is Borough Hall, a large, foreboding structure which somehow managed to remain quite tucked away in the town itself. I have decided to start some collages off with the idea of working on my own as well as others works. I would really like to interpret these somehow into small and large scale structures with the added process of superimposing a film on top. I am really keen to explore the theatrical side of things and can see it in my head, even if it hasn't been realised as yet. The boys and I really need to put our stamp on the place and tomorrow, I really must explore the idea of installing some kind of work station or surface to work from.

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